6 Ways to Stay Motivated While Unemployed

September 20th, 2010

TITLE:  6 Ways to Stay Motivated While Unemployed by Liz Cutten

Being unemployed stinks and while many of us can’t help being unemployed, I can see why many of you tend to give up after a few weeks.  Keep in mind that it takes weeks, if not months for some people to find a job.  If this sounds like you, you don’t want to put your head down and think for the worst case scenario, but instead work on what can land you a job tomorrow.    Trust me; there are thousands of jobs out there that you may not know about.

I wanted to give you 6 simple tips that you can use to keep your head up high.  As long as you think positive and you have an open mind, anything can happen!

#1 Write down a goal

The first thing that I would do is grab a post-it note, a piece of paper, or something that you can write down a goal on.  Write down your goal and look at it each day.  Do you want a job in 2 weeks?  Do you want a job in your hometown?  Whatever it may be, you will want this goal as motivation.

#2 Read success stories

This tends to work great for me in my line of work.  Whenever I’m feeling down, I love to read success stories about particular people.  Sure, the Internet sure does feel like a negative space, but there really are success stories out there.  Google them and read up on how people found their job.

#3 Network with those that are working

A great website to use is MeetUp.com.  On this site, you can find people in your line of work and get together with them on a monthly basis.  This is a great way to meet new people, network with them, as well as get new job leads.  We all know that networking is one of the best ways to land a gig.

#4 Don’t focus on the job search 24/7

Yes, a job search needs to be a full time job, but you don’t want to do it all the time.  Instead of stressing out about the search, get out and enjoy life a little bit.  Whether you want to take your family to the park or go out to the movies, you still need to enjoy life a little bit.  It’s a nice way to refresh and re-charge yourself.

#5 Volunteer or find part time work

The problem with a lot of people is that they want a job that far exceeds their needs.  For instance, I knew a guy that had no education but would only settle for a $22+/hour job.  There were plenty of $10/hour jobs that he could qualify for, but he just didn’t want them.  Re-analyze yourself and know what you should apply for.  There may be part time opportunities out there that lead to full time work.

#6 Just remain positive

Just know that there is a job out there for everyone.  Picture your future and the job that you want.  You don’t want to be a quitter, but rather a winner.  Those that don’t give up are the ones that succeed in the long haul.

As you can tell and you probably already knew, your mind is going to play a vital role in your job searching process. Keep your head up high, know that jobs are out there and don’t give up.  Many people believe in you and try to remember that everything happens for a reason!

Author bio: Liz Cutten has been working on the web since 2006.  With websites such as  MyJobApp and other, Liz strives to create quality content for those looking for it.  In her free time, she likes to ride her bike and be on the water!

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