Creating time for passion!

April 13th, 2010

I was blessed this weekend to be able to spend two wonderful days with several hundred writers here at the DFW writers workshop conference.  For the writers out there reading this you’ll understand when I say there is no one else in the world that truly understands the mind of a writer than another writer.

We kicked off with a day full of workshops with writers and agents galore.  The selection could not have been more perfect (with the exception of adding Stephen King to the list, but that’s off topic and totally my personal opinion!).

Jodi Thomas shared with us her writing life story and if you have not heard this woman speak, do so before you leave this earth.  She is absolutely hysterical!  From comments about the voices in her head to her dislike of the question “where do you get your stories from?”  To which she replies:  “I don’t know, where did all your stories go?” to the day she sat in her office in Texas and received a phone call from a ‘foreigner’ (from NY) who gave her the big news that her book was being purchased for publication – every writers dream come true – the weekend was magical….

Talking with a writer is an experience.  We don’t think the way the non-writing person thinks.  We have voices in our heads that talk to us.  But not in a way that could land us in an institution.  We see things differently.  Everything can become fodder for our work.  Characters can be created by melding people we observe to serve the requirements of the work.  We have visions in our mind that require movement to the page.  Everyone can write.  In school, we all write.  But there is a distinct difference between those who write for assignment (ie: book reports on Helen Keller) and those who are drawn to write because their daily lives trigger the thoughts and desires hosted within, those for whom writing is a compulsion without the place to put their words, these individuals would be at a loss….

When I say this conference was filled with writers, I do not say that lightly.  Computer screens did not reflect Facebook or Twitter, it was word and notepad they were opened to as fingers were flying along the keyboards, people curled up in the corners of rooms closest to the coveted electrical outlets as heaven forbid the laptop battery would give out in mid-sentence.   Sounds of pages flipping in notebooks like a low hum behind the chatting voices exchanging ideas…

The energy in the air…simply powerful!

One of the topics that frequently arose was the importance of creating time to write.  Although this is related to the writing conference, I feel creating the time to do whatever it is a person truly loves is key in providing a healthy and happy environment for both the individual and those around them.

So how does one go about creating time to invest in their passion?  How often have you heard or said the statement “I wish I could, but I just don’t have the time.”

Create the time!

Some helpful tips:

1. Shut off the television. TV is a huge waste of time. Now don’t go into cardiac arrest over the thought of never watching a television show again.  There is a balance here.  Instead of watching television for several hours a day, perhaps pick your top two or three ‘must watch’ shows each week and give yourself freedom to do something more exciting to you on the other evenings.

2. Use a stopwatch. This was a tip provided by Jodi Thomas during the conference.  Decide what you are passionate about and use the stopwatch to see how much time you are truly investing in your passion.  If you love to paint, then each time you pick up the brush to paint, turn on the stopwatch.  When you are done painting, turn it off.  Do this for a week without resetting the watch and you’ll see first hand how much time you have spent doing what you love.

3. Step outside.  Get some fresh air.  It’s Spring time, everything is new, fresh and in bloom.  Allow nature to work it’s magic upon you and your dreams.  This is the perfect time of year to be reborn into a new and passionate individual living and loving their life.

We only go around once in this world and it is up to each of us to take the time to create the life we truly desire.  Stop blaming others, lack of time, lack of funds, lack of…whatever for the lack of passion in your life.  The reason you are living the life you currently live is because you have chosen to do so.  If you are pleased with your life, by all means continue on and share your enthusiasm with others.  But if you are waking up each day thinking “oh great, I wonder what crap is going to fall into my lap today” then it’s time to make a change.

Step up and be accountable for the most important person in your life – YOU!!


Did this post make you think? Do you have something to say?  By all means, please share your thoughts, feedback or comments below…

In gratitude,

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Caryn, known as "The Manifesting Queen" is a motivational columnist, speaker and writer, she has been featured in and published several books, including "Tulips In The Sand" "Fish Sticks, Books and Blue Jeans" “Manifest Success” “Visual Arts Junction Interviews” & “Online Marketing Success Stories..."

Caryn is a domestic violence survivor who has triumphed over a 10-year battle with anorexia and bulimia. She is a wife, mother, healthy-aging-specialist, writer, speaker, blogger, coach and a health food enthusiast Click to connect with Caryn at her website

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One Response to “Creating time for passion!”

  1. Reading, Writing and …. Reading, Writing and …. Publishing – Yeah!!! That’s the ticket!!!
    Gotta Love it!!!

    Great Article Caryn!!!

    One last comment – Promotion, Promotion, Promotion and Sold to someone who knows how to read, apply and teach others what they learned!!

    And this big old world keeps spinning around and around – Love Writers who know what they are writing about! Love teachers who can teach what they themselves have applied! Love students who’s thirst for growth keep us all growing in a positive direction!!!

    Blessings and Visions of Greatness to all the writers, dreamers, teachers and learners of this Big Old Beautiful World.

    Brian J. Donley
    Author, The Original Psychology of Success – Proven Methods to Attain a Positive, Powerful Winning Personality
    The Original Psychology of Success II – Business/Professional Suggestions
    Donley’s Law – Ideas to Reality
    Donley’s WOW (Words of Wisdom) Award
    Co-Author, Manifest Success II – Copies are Printing as I write!!!

    Loving Life and Having Fun – Go Expecting Miracles

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